On photo: Hadijat Gataev with her children



Malik Gataev, born 08 20, 1966, and his wife Hadijat, born 11 17, 1964, were arrested in Karmelava Orphonage near Kaunas on 14. October 2008 on charge that they had extorted money from the orphans (case 1-174-456/08).

Gataevs began to save orphans during the first Russian–Chechen war (1994–1996). Then their first orphonage was set up in neighbouring Ingushetia. In 1999 Russia started a new war which has turned into Caucasian guerilla war, but there is a puppet pro-Moscow regime in Chechenia. At that time the spouses brought their children to capital Djokhar, but they resqued half of the children bringing them to Lithuania. First they found abode at a Catholic Camaldule Monastery in Pazaislis, however later they rented a flat in the center of Kaunas and bought a house in its suburb with the help of foreign sponsors.

The spouses became widely known due to a book by Åsne Seierstad , The Angel of Grozny, as well as due to Finnish documentary "3 Days of Melancholia".

There are two mysteries of this arrest: 1) on October 16, 2008, 24-year-old Muslim Utsaev was kidnapped by Kadyrov'd bandits from Gataevs' orphonage in Djokhar; 2) the
case of Gataevs' in Kaunas is investigated not by Criminal Police, but by State Security.

One should connect both mysteries and suspect a cooperation between Russian and Lithuanian secret services. Lithuanian Department on State Security has been criticized for its activities for many years, including a number of scandals related to pro-Russian forces, as in case of Russian millionaire Borisov, who resided in Lithuania and sponsored Lithuanian president Paksas. Here more ties with financial groups may be found. Not long ago head of Lithuanian Security was dismissed. However there may be ties with Russia of another kind. Russian Prime-Minister and former president Putin is a representative of FSB, which controls today Russia. Russia is a dying out country with chaotic poorest economy and is on the eve of disintegration. However Putin is a billionaire hol
ding his money in the West. It is unimaginable that Putin may act against interests of the global oligarchy, therefore his FSB should already have been bought by the West. On the other hand, the Western oligarchy, fighting to seize control over the world, especially hates islam as its mostly resistant enemy. Therefore, a Moslem orphanage in Lithuania cannot please neither the West, nor Putin, who is organizer of the genocide of the Chechen Moslems.

At the same time Lithuanian mass-media constantly create not only Anti-Moslem, but also Anti-Chechen public sentiments in Lithuania